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Since 1994, successive democratic administrations have prioritised the rights of workers.
Our nation celebrates the advances we have made during Worker’s Month and on Worker’s
Annually National Worker’s Day, is celebrated on 1 May.
During the Worker’s Month programme there will be a blitz of inspections conducted across
the country in sectors that are considered perpetual offenders of our labour laws.
Government cannot and will not tolerate non-compliance of our labour laws, which were
enacted to protect the rights of workers.
Government will also use the 2019 Workers Month campaign to highlight the achievements
of workers in South Africa, and will actively strive to measure compliance with our labour
laws in business and industry.
Much has been achieved in improving working conditions since 1994, and the rights of
workers are entrenched through legislation, agreements and enforcement by government.
Government along with business and labour have also agreed to implement a national
minimum wage, which stands to benefit millions of lowly paid workers.

National Minimum Wage