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Infrastructure Services




Personal Assistant


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Mission Statement

To provide fiscal and financial management support to Mbhashe Council and its Departments. The department is committed to providing timely, accurate and complete information with the aim of improving living standards for all communities of Mbhashe municipality.

Functions of the Infrastructure Services Department

The Infrastructure and Technical Services is responsible for the development and implementation of processes, systems and strategies designed to procure and sustain infrastructural capacity required by the Municipality in its quest to provide quality services to the community as well as ensuring that resources at the Municipality’s disposal are equitably distributed to all areas of operation to enhance service delivery to benefit the people.
This entails ensuring the provision of acceptable technical services in respect of sewerage/ water purification/electricity and building projects. The Department is also responsible for the following:

  • Ensure acceptable water and sanitation services (Develop and implement monitoring mechanisms for provision of water services by the District Municipality), Provide approved building plans and site inspections;
  • Ensure effective electricity distribution to consumers (Develop and implement monitoring mechanisms for provision of electricity by Eskom);
  • Ensure effective project design, planning and management of technical projects;
  • Provision of effective repairs and maintenance of municipal infrastructure;
  • Management of all sewer plants and operations (Develop & implement monitoring mechanisms for the actual management of sewerage system by the District Municipality);
  • Appraise/ report to Council and EMT on any infrastructure related projects of the Municipality;
  • Ensure compliance to building maintenance regulations as per National Building Regulations;
  • Ensure compliance to building health regulations;
  • Provision of municipal public works to any of the functions within the Municipality;
  • Development and management of waste disposal sites;
  • Construction and maintenance of roads and storm water infrastructure;
  • Execution of council resolutions relating to infrastructure and technical services.
  • Roads Construction
  • Waterworks and Sanitation
  • Street Cleansing and Refuse Removal
  • Solid Waste disposal
  • Electricity supply
  • Roads maintenance