Budget and Treasury Office

Budget and Treasurery Office establishment

mr sikobi

Chief Finance Officer 

Mr X Sikobi

Section 80 of the Municipal Finance Management Act gives effect to the establishment of Budget and Treasury Office to:

  • Advise the Municipal Manager on the exercise of powers and duties assigned to the Accounting Officer in terms of the MFMA
  • Assist the Municipal Manager in the administration ot the municipality’s bank accounts.
  • Assist th Municipal Manager in the preparation and implementation of budget.
  • Advise other managers in the exercise of powers and duties assigned to them in terms of section 78 or delegated to them in terms of Section 79.
  • must perform such budgeting, accountinganalysis, financial reporting, cash management, debt management, supply chain management, financial management and other duties delegated to the Chief Financial Officer in terms of Section 79.



To provide fiscal and financial management support to Mbhashe Council and its Departments. The department is commited to providing timely, accurate and coplete information with the aim of improving living standards for all communities of Mbhashe municipality.


Budget and Treasury Office includes the following sections:

Revenue Management

  • Credit Control and Debt Management
  • Indegent Support
  • Cashiering and Banking
  • Revenue Management Policies and Procedures

Expenditure Management

  • Creditor’s Payment
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Financial Statements Preparation and Reporting


Budget and Treasury

  • Budget preparation and reporting
  • Expenditure / Accounting and Budget Management¬†Policies and Procedures


Supply Chain management

  • Supplier Management
  • Quatations and Approvals



Budget And Treasury Office Updated Org
Budget And Treasury Office Updated Org
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