About us

The Mbhashe Municipality was constituted in terms of the Municipal Structures Act. No. 117 of 1998 (as amended) and comprises the areas that previously formed the Elliotdale, Willowvale and Dutywa TLCs and TRCs. The Municipality is located in the North Eastern part of the Amatole District Municipalities area of jurisdiction. The main administrative office of the Municipality is situated in Dutywa.


“A municipality that excels in promoting social cohesion, stimulates economic growth and sustainable development”.


By becoming an effective and efficient municipality with accountable leadership that is able to involve communities in the provision of quality services.

Our Valuable Heritage is Progress (Our Logo)


[toggle title=”Vultures” state=”close”]

These birds of prey are indigenous to the Dutywa disrict, especially at a place known as Sundwane. Their patience in stalking and sheer endurance make them a source of inspiration that symbolises the municipality. Their instinct as an agent of cleanliness in the food chain is aligned to the anti-litter and environmental care of the municipality. [/toggle]

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The shield symbolizes the Municipal amour of protection and fighting spirit in going into battle in the face of any challenges. [/toggle]

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It depicts the royal symbol of victory over adversity and the unity in spirit of the people of Mbhashe. [/toggle]

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The sign of the royal seal of the AMABOMVANA. This special breed is known as BOLOWANA and is associated with the Bomvana chieftaincy at Elliotdale. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”Maize” state=”close”]

Symbolises the potential of the land and the area to be the food pantry of the region. It promotes rehabilitation of the productive days of the past and a return to the land as one of the strongest prospects of a vibrant economy. [/toggle]

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Depiction of a hardy plant which adapts to the dryness of the region. The Municipality can also turn the apparent bareness into an oasis of Industrial activity that can exploit the backward and forward linkages of agricultural produce.[/toggle]

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Symbolizes the tranquility and peacefulness of the sea and its potential for tourist infrastructural investment, that can bring a harvest to the richest economic activity in the world[/toggle]