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Community Services



Ms. Lulamela Malizole

Executive Secretary


047 489 5913


Functions of the Community Services Department

  • Manage Parks and Open Spaces
  • Manage and maintain the Animal Pound
  • Manage and maintain Sport and Recreational Facilities and Amenities
  • Manage and maintain the Commonage and Forests
  • Waste Collection, Transportation and Disposal
  • Management and maintenance of Community facilities i.e. Animal pounds, sports fields and Cemeteries
  • Management and maintenance of waste disposal sites
  • Town beautification, Management of parks and Greening
  • Free basic services
  • Expanded Public Works Programme
  • Environmental Management Services
  • Traffic Services
  • Law Enforcement services
  • Driving Licence Testing Centre
  • Registering Authority
  • Disaster Management and coordination

Environmental Health and Cleansing

  • Manage Business Licenses
  • Manage Refuse Disposal Sites
  • Manage the inspection and control of hotels, boarding establishments, food outlets, street trading and illegal dumping
  • Manage Refuse/Waste Collection and Disposal

Law enforcement

  • Manage Traffic Administration and Law Enforcement
  • Render Licensing and Testing Services

KPA for Community Services

The department consists of two section namely:

  • Community Services
  • Law enforcement

DEPARTMENTAL VISION (linked to the Institutional Vision)

To deliver basic services that are appropriate, efficient, sustainable, cost effective and promoting social cohesion.