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Office of the Municipal Manager



Mr. Mfundo Gubanca

Executive Secretary


047 489 5800


Mission Statement

Mbhashe Municipality is committed to co-ordinate all resources of Government, Businesses, Civil Society and Community towards the development of the local economy.

The Municipal Manager is a key role player in the functioning of the municipality. He acts not only as a communication channel between The Council and community, but also as an Accounting Officer and head of Administration of the municipality. The Municipal Manager is also the Municipal Electoral Officer for the municipality.

Functions of the Office of the Municipal Manager

  • Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a strategic management system for the municipality as a whole to ensure the achievement of the municipalities strategic objectives and its developmental and service delivery obligations.
  • Oversee the implementation and maintenance of the municipality’s integrated development plan (IDP) to ensure the proper execution of the IDP
  • Strategic management of the effective and efficient provision of services to the local community to ensure that services are delivered in a sustainable and equitable manner.
  • Develop and monitor policies at the strategic management level to ensure its purposefulness and efficiency.
  • Assist the municipality in the internal control systems evaluations by Coordinating internal audit assignments in accordance with the assignment plan
  • Assist the municipality in the internal control systems evaluations by Undertaking of strategic risk analysis and management
  • Undertake functions of good public relations, marketing of the municipality and its jurisdiction
  • The focus of SPU is extended to development and implementation of special programmes, namely:-HIV and Aids, youth development, gender, sport, elderly and the disabled people within Mbhashe Local Municipality.